US Basketball Organizations Representatives at the Olympic Games

USA Basketball is an international non-profit association and the governing body for men’s and women’s international basketball. The association represents the United States not only in FIBA but also the men and women’s international basketball teams in the United States. At the moment the United States leads the world with six gold medals including two golds for Men’s gold. Moreover, the last four US Olympic teams have been victorious after going to the quarter finals and this was the first time that two nations have reached the final.

The current US players consist of stars like Clyde Drexler, Larry Hughes, Mike Webster, Patrick Ewing, Ron Artest, Michael Redd and John Wallace. The current international representatives are Dell Curry, Jr., Dorell Wright, Glen Johnson, Rashard Lewis, Tayshaun Price and Darius Miller. The roster was made up from players with different nationalities such as British, South African, Argentinean, Portuguese and Italian. This is one of the biggest contributions made by the United States towards the maintenance of the international basketball tournaments.

Besides, the United States has sent two representatives to the Olympics for the first time. Though there is still much to be done for the United States, they have sent their best players to the Olympics and are making history for themselves. The US basketball organizations have sent a lot of talented and skilled athletes to the Olympics. They have sent representatives to the 2021 Beijing Olympics as well as the 2021 London games and all this without breaking the bank.

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