Some Great Tips For Becoming A Better Basketball Player

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Are you a basketball fan, but know little about the game? You are not alone. There are lots of people that play basketball and many more who are in awe of what the professionals do. This article will help you play just like them.

Get good at making free throws. This looks easy, but it is actually very hard to do. Use good technique when shooting foul shots. Start by holding your basketball right in the front of your own face. Maintain focus on the basket and try to visualize your basketball falling through the hoop. Then shoot! Shoot the ball in the trajectory you imagined.

If you typically handle the ball a lot, it pays to learn the crossover. This is when the ball is moved from hand to hand. It should be done quickly. When done correctly, a good crossover dribble assists you in being efficient and helping you change direction when you need to.

Practice your layup shot often. Layup shots make up nearly 80% of a game’s shots. During practice you want to get up enough speed to quickly get to the rim then easily lay the ball towards the hoop. Knowing how to run and jump quickly and smoothly will assist you in knowing how to leap and shoot more effectively while playing.

A bounce pass is essential to learn. Bouncing the pass to the receiver should be at their waist. It’s smart to get the ball to bounce about 75% to the receiving player. Practicing your bounce pass is important so that you can use it skillfully during games.

In order to help you improve your basketball acumen you should watch how the pros play. Whether seeing an all-pro on YouTube, attending a game in person, or sitting on the couch with buddies to watch your local professional team, there are many chances to observe the best. Every player has a skill that allows him to succeed. Practice their moves to become better.

How would you like to trick the opposing team? How about the behind the back pass? Hold the ball in your strong hand to start the pass. Now, pull it behind your back. And last, flick the wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. This will confuse the opposition.

You likely didn’t know much about basketball previously. Now you are ready to stick a foot in and take on a game yourself. Go ahead and start a game so you can make use of this advice.

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