Basketball Tips – Takes Off With a Tip-Off

Basketball tip-offs are an essential part of a well-designed basketball strategy, whether it be for a pick-up game at your local park or if you are preparing for some college tournament action. The fundamentals of basketball, especially the fast break, begin with a great tip-off. A great tip-off is one that draws the attention of your opponents and encourages them to take risks and shoot for a better shot. It is important for all players to understand this before even attempting any type of basketball action. In particular, pick-up games will benefit from a good tip-off as the fast break is such an integral part of the basketball game.

A missed shot can often ruin a good basketball game. A missed shot by an offensive player can often be the difference between a win and a loss. The importance of a great tip-in can not be overemphasized. If your opponent manages to get the ball over your head, a tip-in is one of your best options to regain possession of the ball.

Even more importantly, the great tip-off must also be a sound decision. Players must realize that if they miss their shot, they are still going to get a chance at a jumper. However, these missed shots can often turn into turnovers if the defenders do not contest them properly. As a result, all players must know that they have a tremendous amount of responsibility for every play they choose to make, and if they make a poor decision, they can greatly hurt the chances of winning any basketball game.

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