Basketball Teams in Seattle – Discover Who They Are

Basketball Teams in Seattle - Discover Who They AreDo you want to know the basketball teams in Seattle? For anyone who has ever been to Seattle it is easy to see why the Seattle Super Sonics basketball team has become so successful. Not only are the players good but they play great basketball! This is one of the NBA’s last chances for a World Franchise. The Seattle Super Sonics is part of the affiliated team in the NBA’s Northwest Division. A team that has put together a great marketing campaign and has a great fan base, it appears as though the NBA will once again have an expansion team in Seattle.Basketball Teams in Seattle

The Seattle Super Sonics is part of a franchise that is in need of a head coach. Seattle was without a professional basketball team for over a decade when the Seattle Super Sonics left for New York. That was a terrible situation for the people of Seattle because without a professional team there, they had very few basketball options. Now the NBA has brought back a basketball team in Seattle and it would be interesting to see if the Seattle Super Sonics can create a winning atmosphere again. If you have never been to Seattle, you should go there for at least one game. It is just a great place to be!Basketball in Seattle

If you have been to Seattle before and are considering going back, I encourage you to take a second look at the Seattle Super Sonics. They had a great run, they had some down times, but overall they were one of the top teams in the NBA. You have to give them credit. They were a lot of fun to watch. So make sure you take out your travel light and bring your family and friends to one of the best basketball teams in the NBA.

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